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CENTERFOLD (2021) After Carolee: Tender and Fierce at Artpace, San Antonio, Texas, curated by Annette Dimeo Carlozzi

Two bodies, grounded, partnered, still. Two hearts, scarred but gilded, reflecting light.
Portraits? Self-portraits? Or is there even a meaningful distinction, now?

Britt Lorraine, a trained dancer, and Kristy Perez, a trained artist, work together across all creative disciplines as the duo, Saintlorraine. Life partners as well, they make their domestic and artistic home in San Antonio.

A durational performance drawing made especially for After Carolee:

Centerfold—its axis birthed from leaves of gold, proximate halves joined by the most prosaic horizon. A halo of time tracings—energy, thoughts, gestures, movement—exploring and testing the body’s limits. Smudges of weight pressing, releasing the dance’s history as love.s evidence. Constructed improv in charcoal, ochre and lipstick red layers upon layers supporting wonderings and assertions.

The challenge and the privilege: Dwell in the space of the work over days at year’s end, such a precipice.

Primal body shapes, like Cycladic figures with Latin hearts, ask: What kind of impression do we leave?

-Annette DiMeo Carlozzi, Curator